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I plan soon enough to have a full “itinerary” up, with all my major trip activities, past and present. But a college minister buddy encouraged me yesterday to highlight some of the conferences I’m planning to attend, in case some College Minister-types are unaware of some of the great stuff out there. So here you go: Three things I plan to attend soon:

1. Catalyst Conference, Oct. 4-5 (pre-labs on Oct. 3), Atlanta

Catalyst Conference

Plenty of you know about this, I’m aware, but we all gotta hear about something first somewhere. Catalyst is “a three day leadership experience like no other,” according to their web page, and from what I hear, that’s about right. It comes out of North Point Community Church in Atlanta and brings all kind of options to the table. There’s NO WAY I can encapsulate what Catalyst is here, so I won’t (and this will be my first time, anyway). But if you’re interested, the sweet web page is worth checkin’ out all on its own.

For those not attending, I’ll be “reporting from the floor,” which in this case means “enjoying the conference” and then blogging about it! [Search for “catalyst” in the search box on the right to see those blog posts.]

2. Ivy Jungle College Ministry Conference, Nov. 15-17 (pre-conference Nov. 14), Orlando

Ivy Jungle College Ministry ConferenceNow this is one you might not have heard of, but you should! When you’re in college ministry, it’s not like you have 15 options of conferences throughout the year, so you should probably grab all you can get. But the Ivy Jungle College Ministry Conference would be great even if we did have 15 options… This year, we get to hear from Os Guinness, Rebecca Pippert, Lauren Winner, Tim Elmore, and others – with breakouts, worship, bigtime freebies, and other activities. All for under 200 bucks. I went to the last national Ivy Jungle conference in Dallas and was so glad I did. (The big bonus last time was seeing “End of the Spear” months before it was released; who knows what glories await us in Orlando?)

Even if you can’t make the conference, Ivy Jungle is a great organization worth checkin’ out – and the regularly-emailed collegiate update is excellent! [Search for “ivy jungle” in the search box on the right to see those blog posts.]

3. Passion Regional Conference(s), all year, all over the place

Passion RegionalsPassion’s taking it on the road this year – and I’m hoping to make it to at least one. These 2-day conferences include a lot of the Passion goodness in a new, bite-sized cookie! Really – expect the same major speakers and lead worshipers, just closer to you. Good times!

You can see the full map, with details, here. So, if you decide to come (or take a group), hopefully I’ll see you in Boston, Chicago, LA, Dallas, DC, or Atlanta… And if you’re just reading, I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes – if I get to go!

[I ultimately went to the first Passion Regional event, in Boston. Read my full review of that event here.]

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