some prayers to pray today hooray

A big reason for this blog is to ask for your prayer, and while you can obviously pray along with whatever I write about, I want to ask for specific prayer at times, too! So thanks for prayin’! Here are some ways you can do that:

  1. This is a big week for the research here, as I hope to make contact with several people for “interviews” about their ministries to students. Please pray for openness on their part, ease in scheduling all those appointments, and really good conversations with people. Pray also for wisdom in who I talk to and how I go about it – I couldn’t cover everything here in Chicago in 3 years, let alone the next 3 weeks. So I need God’s direction and provision, clearly.
  2. Praise, praise, praise for providence. God continues to provide unique blessings; my opportunity, out-of-the-blue, to attend Campus Crusade’s Chicago Metro Leader Training on Saturday was perhaps the biggest blessing of this sort so far. But there have been several. Please pray that God would continue to provide unique opportunities – and that I would be vigilant enough to notice, participate, and glorify.
  3. Pray that I might, as much as God sees fit, find a personal “rhythm” for this trip. I still feel like I’m rather flying by the seat of my pants all the time. If that’s what He wants, I’m okay with that. But it seems more will get accomplished (and I won’t go crazy) if I can find some sort of rhythm on this year-long adventure!

So, thanks for that. Those are all pretty big for me right now!

Coming soon: Catching you up on church visits… and lots more.

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