pray for John Piper at Wheaton this week

John Piper speakingIt’s your chance to be a college minister, by praying some specific things for Wheaton College…

As some of you realize, having Dr. Piper speak once at Wheaton, his alma mater, is a big deal; you might just get jewels like “Doing Missions When Dying is Gain,” a message that has captivated many for several years now. This week, we get four messages in a series titled, “Treasuring Christ and the Call to Suffer.” (Wheaton news release here. Download / listen to the series as it become available here – the first is already up, apparently.)

Wheaton College has great historical import for Christendom for a lot of reasons, but one of the most incredible is the champions of the faith it has educated. Billy & Ruth Graham attended here. So did Jim and Elizabeth Elliot. And Piper met his wife here, too. Furthermore, revival has swept this campus plenty, most recently as part of 1995’s amazing Brownwood Revival. As for beginning to understand why Wheaton impacts, it might help to read the 15 things he thanks God for about Wheaton – a pretty great piece. I got to interview Wheaton’s chaplain yesterday, and will fill you in soon enough.

All this to say, what God does here sometimes reverberates throughout the world. So, since Dr. Piper asked us to pray with him this week for 7 goals of his messages, I wanted to give you the opportunity to do just that. Please pray, with me, that these aims would be met as God sees fit:

  1. He aims to persuade us that our suffering is an essential part of Christian existence.
  2. …to help us suffer in a way that will make Christ look great.
  3. …to help us taste and see that Christ is more precious than anything else, including life itself.
  4. …to help us believe that nothing will happen to us apart from God’s will, and that no matter what happens, He is 100-percent for me.
  5. …to persuade us that we are Christ apart from any works done before or after conversion.
  6. …to motivate and empower us to embrace suffering, hardship, risk, and danger for the relief of human suffering – especially eternal suffering.
  7. …to introduce us to or confirm us into a mysterious way of life: “sorrowful, yet always rejoicing.”

For each of these, he had a bevy of verses – really, this is worth listening to.

Pray for Dr. Piper. And pray for the students. It is easy for students to miss the import, miss the point, or miss the profit – even for things as small as rogue math tests or guerrilla allergies.

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