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For those interested in my general roadtrip adventures…

  1. Teachers extraordinary… I’m sitting in the cafeteria at Trinity right now, having just had the awesome pleasure of hearing D. A. Carson in the Divinity School’s chapel this morning. And that’s 2 days after hearing Joe Stowell, Sr., preach Sunday morning. One of the great blessings of this trip will be hearing my heroes speak, teach, etc., and there are plenty at these Chicago schools.
  2. Old friends… Yesterday I got to hang out with a couple of old friends from Abilene, Kaci and Lindsey, and a new friend, Linda from St. Louis. We ate Chicago-style pizza, saw a celebrity, went to Coach (because they’re girls), and smooshed into my Pathfinder (which has most of my stuff in it) for trips to O’Hare and Midway. Last week, I was surprised by a Hardin-Simmons-to-Wheaton transfer, my friend Jamie. On a pretty long sojourn, it’s neat to see people I’ve known for a while! (Want to come visit?)

    Lindsey & Kaci

  3. Home sweet home… Meanwhile, I continue to have a blast with the McCords, their dog Gimli, Jon’s excellence at World of Warcraft, ministry discussions, proximity to Wheaton College and Caribou Coffee, Settlers of Catan, watchin’ movies, and more. It’s good to have a home, and it’s a blessing I won’t always have during this year.
  4. What’s next… continues to be a mystery. Hopefully I’ll find out where I’m headed next before I leave Chicagoland, but I do plan to attend the Catalyst Conference (and report on its value for collegiate ministry) in early October. So I’ve got time!
  5. College sports… Yes, I plan to enjoy a lot of college sports this year, if not live, on and such. But I have gotten to watch Judson play soccer and Trinity play football – there’s lots to be said for sitting in the stands to give you a picture of a school. Oh, and Go App. State. That’s amazing.


  1. Sarah Kendel

    O MY GOSH!!!! KYLE HOWARD! i’ve been in love with him since i was about 13 years old…. o man. i mean all the God stuff you’ve been learning and experiencing is great too… but KYLE HOWARD :)
    hope you having the best time of your life!

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