Notes from the Front. Location: Wheaton College.

A report from the College Ministry front, as I sit near Wheaton College’s “Stupe” – one of the premier campus hang-outs in all of Christendom. Or something like that.

  1. No Longer a Freshman: CHICAGO AREA, IL — As of now, I’m no longer a freshman! Hooray! The last of the New Student Orientation Activities ended Tuesday night, which really means that the first major (and exhausting) portion of my trip has finished. Attending the New Student Orientations at 5 different Christian colleges was quite the experience – and a high privilege in researching college ministry. I’ll fill you in very soon… (The pic is of my last event, some craziness at Wheaton Tuesday night.)


  2. Tell Them and Help Me!: YOUR DESK — Since we truly are all in this together – churches, ministries, campuses, parents, pastors, ministers, etc. – we should probably be big about encouraging each other. I’m going to do my best, then, to start including contact info when it’s appropriate. PLEASE take a second, as you can, to send along your congrats and other encouragement to the ministries I mention. And, if you let them know you heard about them on, you could truly help me connect with these ministries during my adventure!
  3. Congrats Indeed: ELGIN, IL — I had the wonderful opp. to visit Judson College (again) on Monday night, as it celebrated becoming Judson University!newuniv2.jpg They did the party right, with great bands, something like 15 mins. of fireworks, an address by the President, free punch- wings- cupcakes- meatballs, door prizes, and more. All between 11pm and midnight-30. I’ve got video, and I’ll try to post it soon. Meanwhile, check out the local paper or the university’s article. No, there’s no “big change” that provided for the name adjustment – just a desire to better reflect what Judson offers. In any case, it’s a big deal for our brothers that we can celebrate! (So send them your congrats here…)
  4. Your Feast Awaits: WHEATON, IL — Check out this surprising article from the Tribune about Wheaton College’s dining experience. Believe me, it’s true – the food at this school is fantastic. Points for Wheaton. (After you read the article, you should let Wheaton know!)
  5. The Third Branch: EVERYWHERE —The orientations helped me realize this is really the “third branch” of Christian collegiate ministry: the Christian campus, where every move and every class has the potential to impact college-agers. Church-based and campus-based ministries can both learn from Christian schools. And vice versa. Or thrice versa, as the case may be. (There may be more branches, but I’m only up to three so far!)
  6. Sabbaths are Scrumptious: WHEATON, IL — For the first time on this trip, I got to spend yesterday completely unscheduled and took the chance to rest & play. If you want to, you can pray for me always to be wise about scheduling this year – and to fully participate in relaxation and other healthy activities along the way. Sometimes I’m bad about that.
  7. More to Come: CHICAGO, IL — There’s much to look forward to on the blog this weekend and into next week… including another church-visit report, the low-down on all those Orientations, John Piper’s visit to Wheaton, and several new blog areas – including video! All coming soon!

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