catching up. slowly.

There’s a lot to do as I’ve “hit the ground running,” including making sure I’m journaling all my crazy experiences. (I might think I’ll remember all this without aid of writing it down, but that’s not gonna happen.)

So you’ll have to wait on details about this past weekend. But I wanted to let everybody know that yep, I’m alive and well here in Chicagoland (Wheaton, presently, at Caribou Coffee). I’m staying with some new-ish pals, the McCords of Wheaton, Illinois, in their neato apartment. I knew Lesley (kinda) already, but they Facebooked me a while back and offered the place during my stay. So that’s been a huge blessing. Jon and I share an enjoyment of Biblical studies (he’s a Master’s student at Wheaton), and they have a fun little dog. Good times, all around.

My second and third New Student Orientations start tomorrow, but I should be able to blog “from the front” in the midst of all that. Tonight, however, I need sleep.

As you think about it, please pray that I’d see everything I need to see this week, that God would lead me to just the right encounters, and that I would get fully “settled in” soon! (This includes finding a cord for my camera, which has proven more difficult than originally assumed – and it’s why I’m a bit picture-less on the blog these days.) Thursday and Friday, the fourth and fifth schools start their Orientations.

And if you’re wondering why I’m not mentioning names of all these schools I’m visiting, there’s method to my madness, I promise. All will be revealed next week. Keep reading. And praying.

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  1. Good stuff. Good luck. Let me know if I can help you with the camera cord (I sent you an email). Good to know your not living in the car. Take it from me… brushing your teeth in the passenger seat isn’t all its cracked up to be. Dave Out.

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