beginning and beginnings

This Road Trip began last night at 11pm, and I am now in Wagoner, Oklahoma! I should hit the Chicago area sometime tonight or early tomorrow, depending on when I want to sleep (and how many “side trips” I take today).

So the trip has begun.

But this is also a huge time of year for collegiate ministry of all types, because it’s the beginning of the Fall Semester for many schools throughout the country. The advantages of hitting Chicagoland first include the opportunity to see several major schools – both Christian and secular – start classes over the next 6 weeks.

And that means you get to experience all the school-starting activities, too, as you Road Trip vicariously through me. (Really, it’s okay. I don’t mind.)

New Student Orientations. Church fairs. Organizational fairs. Recruitment of attenders – and leaders. Advertising. Planning. Changes. Keeping some old ideas, and discarding others. New ideas. New rules. New students. Old students, who may or may not have persevered through the summer. Great ideas, that may or may not make it through the first month. It’s all part of ministering to college students at the beginning of a new school year. It’s not easy, it moves really fast, and it seems rather… dramatic.

So if you know a college minister, give ’em a hug. This is where it all begins.

And if you are a college minister in the throes of all this (or about to be), let me know how I can help, what I can look for or “investigate” for you, or other questions you’ve got. I’ve seen all this “beginning” business 10 times now, so I might be able to throw some ideas your way. (My email is on the About Benson page.) And when I see good new ideas over the next month, I’ll fill you in – maybe you can find something new to try, something new to think about, or something old to remember.

It has begun.

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