snapshots of Collegiate Week

Today, I’m putting some “snapshots,” right before I hit the road to come back to Texas. In a day or two, I’ll do a better run-down of what this week is all about. If you have input in a college ministry anywhere, I hope you’ll think about coming to Collegiate Week next year – it’s an incredible week.

While my experience has been at Glorieta, New Mexico, the exact same sort of week goes on during the same time period at Ridgecrest, North Carolina. (Just so you know!)

SNAPSHOT 1: On Monday, I got to sit with 17 other college ministers in a session simply titled, “Developing a Church-Based College Ministry.” In the middle of the time together, I realized what a glorious thing this was. Most in there were beginning this awesome work, attending Collegiate Week and this particular seminar in hopes of finding much wisdom to help them truly impact real-life college students. They are my heroes.

SNAPSHOT 2: Collegiate Week can be an amazing week of relationships, and God was so good in that regard this week. I have gotten to know new minister-heroes, and I have gotten to connect with people I’ve known for years. Late-night games with Dallas college students. A movie in Santa Fe with my State Director buddy. A dinner with a new “Metro Collegiate Strategist” friend. Playing more games, this time with ministers from my college church, both new guys and old friends. Telling pals about my new Road Trip, and seeing their faces, and hearing their interest. Conversations with nationwide ministers that I didn’t know a year ago but who, in sharing this passion, have become friends. It’s a great circle we share, and Collegiate Week is our family reunion.



It’s beautiful here.

More soon – before Monday. [That blog has been posted – read it here.]

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