70% of church kids don’t stick around

Lifeway Research

A study of great importance for the field of college ministry came out today from Lifeway Research – a new arm of our convention that I think I’m falling in love with.This time, they’ve done the newest study (a very welcome study) on the church dropout rate post-high school. The results should fuel us to get better at this stuff. The headlines listed below should indicate a little bit of what they found.

USA Today’s story on the research: Young adults aren’t sticking with church

Lifeway’s full version, more articles, and a podcast: Church Dropout Study

Baptist Press coverage: Study looks at college age church dropouts

And here: Parents can help teens stay in church

And here, too: Study shows need of collegiate ministries

Discussion about it (where commentary will continue through this week) at the director’s blog: edstetzer.com

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