best week o’ the year!


On to Glorieta!

If you’re involved in College Ministry (or a college student, for that matter), I hope you’re familiar with National Collegiate Week. It’s a phenomenal week of seminars, speakers, “vacationing,” and connecting. And for some people, hiking and outdoorsy stuff. If you like that sort of thing. :) For students, the very best approximation I can make is “youth camp for college students,” and that pretty well sums it up – all the spiritual and fun possibilities, but since it’s “collegiate,” not all the rules, schedule-focus, “counselors,” etc. If that makes sense…

Anyway, today I head to Abilene (one of my former locales) and then tomorrow to Glorieta, NM, for my seventh straight year of this stuff! I’ve had the joy of seeing not only Glorieta but the Collegiate Week at Ridgecrest (North Carolina) in that time. Sweet action.

If you’re going, hopefully I’ll see you there. Either way, if you wanna pray for me, this is kind of a test run for the big Road Trip that starts in a couple of weeks. Pray that any wisdom I need to gain now will be gained – and just, too, that I have a great time and connect with some great people and ideas up there.

I’ll fill you in on how it’s going in the middle of the week, and THUS BEGINS MY REPORTING ON WHAT’S UP IN COLLEGE MINISTRY. Whoa – dramatic.


P.S. I am not that dude in the college collegiate week pic up there. But he looks like a nice guy.

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