to see what He’s up to

In three weeks, I’ll be a hobo.


In a few weeks, I’ll hop in my car, say goodbye to Dallas, and begin a year-long road trip to research college ministry throughout the country. As an “embedded reporter,” I’ll let you know through blog, video, and more what God’s up to out there, on college campuses throughout our nation – starting with the many schools and churches of Chicago.

Whether you’re headed to college soon, in college now, or well past “college age,” wouldn’t it be neat to spend a year seeing the “God side” of college campuses? That’s what this blog is about.

And, for those doing ministry right now: aren’t you a little bit intrigued about how college ministry takes place in Chicago, or at John Piper’s church, or when tragedy strikes, or in a non-college-town, or with a “Simple Church” model? And those are just random examples of the things we’ll be exploring this year.

While my particular focus will be church college ministry – a field that seems pretty underdeveloped – I’m interested in everything God is doing in the lives of students, however He’s choosing to do it.

I can be your eyes this year on a nationwide exploration. We can find the expertise that’s out there – on campuses and in churches we’ve never even heard of, as well as in the “famous” places of Christianity.

Frequently Asked Questions about this crazy road trip

1. Huh?

Yeah, I know. It’s crazy. We’re just gonna have to watch how this all unfolds this year. In the end, I do think whatever I find will be useful, and that excites me. Those who know me have been uber-supportive, and my list of “counselors” for this trip is growing by the day. (If you want to find out a little bit more about me, just click “About Benson” at the top.)

2. Where will you go?

Chicago is first; after that, we’ll see. I’ll write more on the planning process later. But I will say this, right from the start: I’m big on collaboration! I need your suggestions, tips, and insight into the places I can explore. And I need you to pray with me that God would guide this adventure. (I’ve seen Him do it before.)

In the last couple of years, I’ve gotten to go see revival in Kentucky, taken a road trip to Hawaii (what?), Mad Libs eBay Road Tripped to ‘Bama (again, what?), and more. If you read the blog over the next few weeks, you’ll hear more about those trips, as I prepare for this biggest adventure of all.

3. How can I help?

I need prayin’. I’ll send prayer requests through this blog all year long.

Second, read the blog! As I report from the field (a few times a week), I’ll try to mix it up so there’s something interesting for everybody. Tell your friends & families, tell those you know in the college ministry community, and tell pastors – even they might be interested in how little churches can impact college students, or how the biggest churches are working to improve.

Third, you can join the Facebook group. (The link is on the sidebar.)

Ooh – and, for those who can spare a little, you can support me financially. If you want. (See below.)

4. What about funding?

This is often people’s first question, but it doesn’t belong first. I’m excited about this trip, feel called to take it, and am willing to trust God to provide.

Still, funding is a question, and the basic answer is that I’m not real sure where this money will come from. But I’m certain enough of the value that I’m willing to put my own (loaned-out) into this adventure! But if this is something you’d like to help with, that’s awesome. Even $20 would pay for a couple o’ days of food, and $50 would fill my gas tank. Or if you know anybody who might be able to help, feel free to let them know about this opportunity.

5. So what now?

I plan to leave in 3 weeks. Before then, I’ve got to move out and prepare the best I can! I’ll also be attending National Collegiate Week at Glorieta, New Mexico – which will, fortunately, serve as a sort of “trial run” for this road trip. I’ll be blogging during these weeks, too, so you can start reading!

Why take a crazy, nation-sized road trip? To see what He’s up to, and to report what He’s doing. (Ps. 105:1) Get excited.


  1. Mike Cervantes

    You’re insane! I love what you’re doing. More often than not college ministries are neglected. We need some crazy, college loving, Jesus freaks to go out on a limb and see what God’s up to. You have my full support from TAMUK. We will be praying and if possible we will be contributing…Maybe after some time on the road you can come chill in K-town.

    In HIM,
    mike cervantes
    BSM Director Texas A&M Kingsville
    720 N. Armstrong
    Kingsville, Tx. 78363
    361-592-9335 voice
    361-443-1760 cell
    “We can do no great things, only small things with great love.”
    -M. Theresa

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