How can a wide-ranging college ministry explorer help your college ministry… your student leaders… or the college ministers in your region, campus, national organization, or denomination? Or what could I provide for an organization that would like to connect with the field of College Ministry – such as a seminary, a publisher, or another parachurch group?

One of the things I’ve learned from visiting hundreds of ministries is that in college ministry, breadth matters. It’s not always enough to have years of experience; while that provides one kind of wisdom, it can be tricky to apply wisdom from one college ministry context to another. Fortunately, I not only have years of direct ministry experience, but I’ve gotten to learn about college ministry work in a HUGE number of contexts.

My goal is always to help our field be stronger. So of course, that means I would be excited to help your ministry be stronger. Plus, by hiring me, you’ll help me continue to invest in our field. (And if you’re interested in simply supporting my ministry financially, click here for info.)

First and foremost, I want to “scratch where you itch.” So I’m open to any ideas you might have about ways we can work together. Having seen so much and done so much, I’m pretty flexible in the ways I can help! So if you want to, we can discuss your ministry, and together figure out how I can benefit you most!

But here are some ideas to get you thinking:

Site Visit / Consultation / Assessment

Whether it’s a one-meeting consultation or a week-long (or longer!) visit, this may be the area in which I can do the most good. Because of the opportunity to visit hundreds of college ministries and college ministry leaders, I bring an enormous breadth of information and ideas to bear on any situation. (This also means I can fit my advice to your situation – not to some preconceived “checklist” in my head.)

Of course, any Site Visit would be tailor-made to accomplish the purposes you want. Whatever those are, I can’t imagine a better way to jump-start a new ministry or fast-track an established one.

For more info on this opportunity, click here. Or contact me.

Church Connections

I myself served in church-based college ministry for eight years, and I’ve discussed college ministry at churches around the country – including many of the most famous and most historic. And what’s clear is that churches have a particularly hard time building strong college student works.

But the truth is, we often start with the wrong question altogether! And we don’t usually realize just how many options we have – including many that don’t require building a brand-new, “full-fledged” college ministry.

Besides the opportunities on this page, I’ve developed a whole other site to look at how I can help churches develop in this area: It explores the problem as it really is. I encourage you to take a look!


Seeing so much around the U.S. has provided a breadth of info from which to draw, so there are a lot of situations I’d be comfortable speaking in. Let’s talk about it – and we can pin down the very best topic(s) for your group of college ministers, staff, student leaders, or others. Meanwhile, here are examples of speaking engagements in the past:

  • Speaking to pastors of a large denomination about establishing a wise College Student Plan in their churches
  • Sharing with college ministers about approaching their work like missions
  • Discussing “how to brainstorm better” with college ministers
  • Offering direct Q&A: discussing anything a group wants about the field of college ministry, methods, and opportunities for advancement
  • Talking with parents about their kids’ spiritual success in college
  • Speaking to students about serving as missionaries to their own campus
  • Providing an introduction to the “wide, wide world of college ministry” to potential college ministers and others

And while I’m very inexpensive for what you’ll get, you can also consider cooperating with other ministries to bring me into your area. Plus, if you invite me to a conference or other forum, I can be made available for one-on-one consultations, too.

Interested? Let me know.

Quick “Audit” or Conversation

Could your college ministry use an outside opinion – from someone who’s looked at hundreds of ministries?

Would an analysis of your ministry’s strategic plans be helpful? What about an hour-long phone call to discuss a particular project you’re working on? Or a discussion with your constituents (like a local church pastor) to provide an expert view on what you need to succeed?

I would love to provide anything I can, and I’m able to bring what I’ve learned to bear on your situation – whether you’re just starting out or have a well-developed ministry. Plus, these options are extremely inexpensive, generally based on the time involved. If this might fit your ministry, contact me here.

Writing or Blogging Projects

I haven’t only consistently blogged and published a well-received ebook, I’ve had other involvement in writing and even a little photojournalism experience. Since jumping into these college ministry explorations, I’ve had two other big opportunities to write for others:

  • authoring a short book, with reflections on visits to 10 chapters of a national college ministry (for the ministry use in support-raising and promotions)
  • traveling to Brazil with a missions organization to serve as their “blogger-in-residence” for the trip

I’m open to other writing opportunities, whether or not they involve travel! I can certainly interview leaders and students – in person or on the phone – to write articles about your ministry. Another, idea I’m really excited about is helping networks develop a Team Blog.

Could I help your ministry or network in this way? Let’s discuss it!

Sharing the Value of College Ministry

While this might involve any of the above methods, I wanted to highlight that I’m always interested in helping share the value of college ministry! So whether it’s talking with your supporters… speaking to a gathering of pastors, youth pastors, parents, or other leaders… sitting one-on-one with someone who needs to understand what you do (or what God’s doing through college ministry nationally)… or helping recruit future college ministers, I’m game!

Dream with me, and let me know if I can help!

What else?

I’m always open to new ideas. If you’re unsure how I can help, feel free to get in touch – we can figure it out together.